Venue Seattle PortlandEvents at SEATTLE- Eastside Bahai Center (left) & PORTLAND- Unity Center (right).

Sri Tathata Card FlyerMeet Śrī Tathāta | SEATTLE on May 28 (Bellevue) | PORTLAND on May 30-31, Jun 1.

CHACKRAM_USAŚrī Tathāta brings to the USA the divine energies generated during the Mahayaga of Feb 2014. ChariotDharma01To announce the Dharmasooya Mahayaga 2014, the carriage of Dharma covered 3 states of South India: Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu.


Dharmasooya Mahayaga 2014: The aim of the Dharmasooya Mahayaga was to generate, call down and transmit Cosmic Energy to the physical world, to all living beings and the whole Universe. More than 1 million people attended the event.

Mahayaga_2014-003Śrī Tathāta was assisted by 38 Ritviks who he had directly trained and by 1008 of his disciples who are Atmavidya. Together, these initiates have joined as a single chord and entity with the Master and the Divine Will flowing through Him, to perform this Mahayaga.
dalaiLama_SriTathata_petitDuring Śrī Tathāta’s 2012 World Peace Tour, Śrī Tathāta met several leaders including the Dalai Lama. ST_Vatican_26_sept_2012-adjŚrī Tathāta meeting with the Pope during World Peace Tour.