Mahayagas and great Vedic rituals

As a matter of facts, the great Vedic rituals lasting several days are tools of incomparable power for large-scale spiritual actions. Their heart is a sacred fire to which noble products are offered, like clarified butter, at the same time as Vedic hymns are recited. The offerings to the fire symbolise the Offering of human will to the Divine Will. In return, magnificent spiritual energies descend on Earth.
Masters who, like Śrī Tathāta, have the inner knowledge of their effects, explain that Vedic hymns create an alignment with higher energies, which fosters their descent.

In other words, it could be said that code sounds or vibratory keys are used for the connexion with the highest energies, closest to the Source, far beyond the typically accessible spiritual energies. The point is to bring superior energies down to Earth, called the Supermind by Srī Aurobindo. Additionally, as fire is subtly present into all beings and even into matter itself, the vibration spreads everywhere.

Effectively, the persons who had the chance to participate to such rituals can testify about the power of this energetic field in which one is immersed.

Mahayaga 2014


The Dharmasooya Mahayaga is a Social Yajñam. Representatives from all walks of life will take part in it. The prayers that will be done close to the Great Divine Presence at the time of Yaga will come true and so will our most positive dreams for the new world. If our optimistic thinking and generous minds join with the Divine presence during the yaga, a revolutionary change in the issues of the world will come about. The Yagam will begin on the 6th and end on 12th Feb 2014.

Mahayaga_2014-011The aim of the Dharmasooya Mahayaga is to generate, call down and transmit Cosmic Energy to the physical world, to all living beings and the whole Universe. For this process, the Maha-Acharya of the Yaga, standing in a central position and acting as the Instrument or representative of the Great Time, will perform the Mahayaga with the intention of helping mankind reach its true destination.

Śrī Tathāta will be assisted by thirty eight Ritviks who he has directly trained and by 1008 of his disciples who are Atmavidya and together, these initiates will join as a single chord and entity with the Master and with the Divine Will flowing through Him, to perform this Mahayaga. Along with them, 10,008 participants who have volunteered to assist in its conduct, will join in the prayers to make the aims and purposes of this great ritual come true.

Mahayaga_2014-002A Novel Yajña Culture
The performing of Yajñas was originally instructed by great Rishis for the evolution of the universe and nature, as well as mankind. These Vedic rituals and methods of Yajña are now being renewed through Śrī Tathāta and re-adapted to suit the needs and requirements of the present time. Thus a novel yaga culture is being born here through the complementary union of the powerful knowledge of the ancient sages, the new energy of the impending evolutionary shift in the universe and the Divine Will of the Cosmic Power.

The main part of the Mahayaga (the public one), will last for 7 days. It will be preceded by several days of preparatory rituals and prayers.


The Main Qualities and Themes addressed in each of the seven days:

Day 1: Non-violent Consciousness in Man

In the seven days of the yaga open to the public, the first day’s prayers will be conducted with the will and intention to see the descent of the Force of Dharma and the re-establishment of the balance of nature. The specific prayers and special emphasis of this day will be for the development of an understanding and attitude of Non-violence, as well as that of an education aimed at the progress of consciousness.

Day 2: New Generations

The thrust of the second day is to focus our will and intent on the rising of a new generation capable of upholding the high principles of Brahmacharya Dharma (which corresponds to childhood from 5-7 and youth), because man’s quest for total Divinity can be achieved only through true value – based education and the observance of Brahmacharya Dharma from childhood.

Day 3: The Four Varnasrama Dharmas

The empowerment of the four stages of Brahmacharya, Grihasthya (couple and family life), Vanaprestha (distancing oneself from the wordly / househoder’s life) and Sanyasa (last part of life), through the conscious observance of Dharma, as well as the redefinition of these 4 Dharmas and the rising up of good people ready to take up the responsibility of leading society, will be the main concepts of the 3rd day.

Day 4: Dharma for the Nation

Building on Day Three, our prayers and intention will be for the rising of a lineage of leaders who are able and competent to take up the work of social renaissance, providing protection to society, rebuilding the nation etc., with the knowledge and ability to hold in mind the characteristics of a Divine Yuga and who will thus duly renounce their personal lives for the wider interests of society, nation and world.

Day 5: Dharma Yodhanam (adopting Dharma)

On the 5th day, the people in the group will pray and focus their will on the ability to receive and adopt Dharma in their lives and to pray to the Divine for the showering of knowledge, awareness and power that will enable them to lead a Dharmic life and thereby to pave the way for the settling in of the Divine Yuga through them.

Day 6: The Flow of Nectar

The descent of the Energy of the Supreme Power from the higher planes by piercing the darkness of Tamas, and the spreading of the down-flow of nectar to the manifested universe, will be the visualization for the 6th day.

Day 7: The Flowering of Human Consciousness

The prayers of the 7th day will be for the flowering of human consciousness in all its dimensions, for the rediscovery of the rhythm of the universe and for the Divine celebration of existence through that connection. Participants will offer their deep salutations and gratitude to the Divine Energy that will have descended during the Yaga.

The Presiding Master of the Mahayaga

Mahayaga_2014-005The real power and impact of such a Mahayaga performed with the goal of supporting the evolution of human consciousness, lies in the purity and consciousness of who is conducting the ritual and the way it is conducted. This Mahayaga will be conducted by a Master whose inner prana is fully awakened, and who can rise to the higher subtle worlds and join that prana with the universal prana. From this position He will invoke the supreme Cosmic Power into the Yajñakunda (crucible) in the form of Fire, abiding as a medium of the Infinite Time and, with strong willpower, offer ‘Aahuthi’ (an invocation) in the Yajñakunda for the fulfillment of the aim and purpose of the Yajña. The Fire in the Yajñakunda will come from 3 different sources –which will also be Great Witnesses of the Mahayaga :

- the fire of the Visva Shanti Yajña, which has been conducted without break for the last 5 years

- the fire lit from the rays of the Sun, which symbolically represents the Cosmic Super-Consciousness

- the fire of subtle Prana which is the embodiment of the Will of the Creator

All this will make this Mahayaga a landmark in the history of the evolution of human consciousness, engraved in golden letters forever.

The Significance of the Group Invocation

Śrī Tathāta propounds that the time for individual self-realisation (as in the Satya Yuga) is over and that the present time is one for the collective evolution of mankind. Today we have to make a concerted effort and work to achieve transformation for the whole of humanity.

Mahayaga_2014-003This Mahayaga comes at a time which is powerfully potent, equally in both its positive and negative aspects. We are at a turning point in the evolution of the Universe at the end of Kaliyuga, and this is why the participation of people from all walks of life, both from India and the Western nations, both men and women, irrespective of caste and creed, with their collective and group prayers to the Supreme, will be so significant in this Mahayaga.

That is also why all three Dharmasooya Mahayagas conducted up until now, have become harbingers of revolutionary changes in society, in spiritual and cultural dimensions, through the participation of people in thousands – from all castes, creeds and nationalities.