Spirituality is not religion?

Nathalie Calmé (interview for Sources magazine):

“You say that spirituality is not religion…? Is not this universal spiritual water contained in your teaching the hundreds of Westerners are really thirsty of?”

Śrī Tathāta:

“Yes, there is a difference between religion and spirituality.

The teaching of Dharma by the Rishis – the mystic visionaries of India – was not a religion. Dharma is another word to qualify the “Ultimate Reality”. In that way, the teaching of the Rishis was universal.

The religions, colored by specific cultures, are used as intermediaries between the human beings and the ultimate Reality. But Dharma transcends all the limitations, the cultures, the religions and opens to infinite divine consciousness. Dharma is beyond all categories and concerns humanity as a whole. A Muslim, a Jew or a Christian can follow the way of Dharma without denying his religion.

The evolution of consciousness is enabled by this universal practice of Dharma. When one practices Dharma, one reaches the highest levels of consciousness. Dharma is a song written for all. There is no Indian or French Dharma! Ultimate Reality has to be apprehended as Whole.

At this level of consciousness, all distinctions of cultures or religious belonging disappear. Dharma is One. The Ultimate Reality is One. The Truth is One. The ultimate happiness is One.”